Common Guttering Color Codes

Metal Roof & Guttering Colors

guttering and roof color graphNeed advice on choosing the color required for your home renovation? Undecided on the color scheme of your roofing and residential home renovation? Then maybe contact a home designer? If you are using a local builder or roofing contractor to replace your guttering and blocked downpipes, then ask them if they have anyone good to refer that can help you chose the best color scheme on your home renovation. Most roofing companies and builders will have a list of recommended contractors and business that provide related services. These referred companies are likely regularly used and provide exceptional services but you should always still be careful when using any unknown contractor or gutter cleaning service in South Australia.

There are many color schemes and it can often be a hard choice, so 2nd opinions from trusted friends and contractors can often give you color schemes and ideas you may not have thought of yet. Metal roofing and guttering come in a wide range of colors, take a look at the simple color guide provided by Bluescope Steel. Remember that a roofing contractor and gutter installer can give you advise on color schemes but are not liable if you don’t like the color scheme in 12 months time. I think most customers know this but it still deserves a mention since it may not be clear when you seek out the advise on color scheme for your new roof or gutter installation.

When it comes to repairing gutters, installing new down pipes and cleaning gutters you should always ask if the local company has public liability insurance in case they damage or injure themselves on your property while conducting the guttering or roofing maintenance. It is very easy in today’s world, to send an email with a copy of insurance when they send you a gutter replacement or roofing maintenance quote. There is many reasons why its important to request insurances, relevant qualifications and building licenses. Everyone being protected and covered if something goes wrong with the roof or guttering job is the biggest reason for asking for public liability and licenses. No one ever expects their maintenance job to have an accident, otherwise we wouldn’t call them accidents. Unless an accident occurs on a regular basis it is probably good to keep in mind that an accident is not indicative of the roofing contractors work quality or skill.

When customers ask for our companies insurance, they often ask awkwardly as if they are requesting something illegal. Do not feel awkward asking any contractor to include their public liability insurance when they send you their quote. Most professional contractors will be happy to send you their insurance because they know it will give them preference over another contractors quote who didn’t or couldn’t be bothered sending their public liability insurance when they sent you their quotation for the roof or guttering services required. Checking roofing contractors have insurance will make sure you have professional contractors and will protect them if they injure themselves on your premises.