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Does Gutter Mesh & Leaf Shield Work?

gutter mesh 1 leaves.jpgWhen it comes to effective gutter protection systems its important to get the correct type of gutter guard or mesh for the property. There are many factors that will change where, what and why when it comes to gutter guards and various other leaf shields. To many guttering companies are trying to make a quick profit over providing an effective service and product to their customers.

The biggest problem gutter cleaners and roofing contractors have with gutter mesh installations is that they are advertised as the final solution to your gutters and downpipes getting blocked up all the time, overflowing and causing water damage which results in costly gutter cleaning services on a regular basis. This cannot be further from the truth, the leaves, gum nuts and bark still needs to go somewhere if it no longer goes into the gutter right? When you have a gutter protection system installed the tree debris and rubbish that used to go inside your gutters causing all those problems now sits on top of your gutters, causing water leaks slightly higher and an unsightly mess on your roof. Its even worse when the gutter guard installer actually believes the gutters are never going to need cleaning again or that problematic down-pipe that gets blocked all the time will never get blocked, because they will silicone and permanently fix the gutter protection systems to the roofing.

Most gutter cleaning companies in Adelaide, South Australia will clean gutters for around $100 for a modern single story residential home. If a gutter mesh or any type of gutter guard has been installed on gutters that require cleaning then the price will often double if not triple compared to a home that has no gutter guards or mesh installed. This is normal because gutter guards can often be a large all day job that involves a lot of unseen problems and it can become very time consuming. Its usually a good idea to tell a gutter cleaner before they come that there is a gutter protection system installed due to the tools and time required to remove and install gutter mesh or any other type of gutter guards. Any roofing contractor and property maintenance company should be able to further advise you if gutter guards or gutter mesh will be a good solution on your premises.

South Australian gum trees are everywhere in the northeastern suburbs of Adelaide cause large amounts of gutter cleaning in the following areas of South Australia. Areas such as St Peters, Norwood, Paynhem, Firle, Tramere, Rostrevor, Myrtle Bank, Athelstone, Magill and Burnside are covered in gum tree’s and create a lot of maintenance work. These trees drop all year round, so if the tree is not dropping leaves, it will be guaranteed to be dropping bark or gum nuts on a consistent basis that will soon fill and block the gutters and downpipes in no time at all. Trees that drop so much foliage in Adelaide, SA will also drop dead branches that if big enough can often cause cracked tiles and smashed windscreens. Despite all these problems and hazards that gum trees cause, they are also ridiculously protected by the local councils around South Australia. These trees are highly protected, so much so that you are more likely to remove the Greens Political Party from parliament then get a significant gum tree removed from your own property.

Lets take for instance the commercial gutter cleaning request that was called in as an emergency maintenance order on a large factory roofing with commercial box guttering in excellent condition. There was around 30 large downpipes that were all blocked and causing water leaks all over the warehouse offices. The staff working in these offices acted as if some of the leaks were normal and had permanent buckets located to catch the water leaks. This company is a large franchise and has its own maintenance division that couldn’t get on site due to the stormy weather that day after a large leak had started to occur on the warehouse floor that was filled with customers. A local gutter cleaning company attended the site on short notice in the rain and remedied the entire problem that had been left for 6 months and had gotten ten times worse over time because preventative roofing maintenance had not been conducted properly. Take a look at the video below and see if you can see the actual cause of the water leaks all over the warehouse when it rained and finally flooded parts of the warehouse when it rained heavily.

Yes you guessed it, this blocked down-pipe was caused by gutter mesh incorrectly installed on a large commercial warehouse causing 30-40 blocked downpipes caused by a poorly installed gutter mesh over the down-pipes coupled with a non existent preventative maintenance program that ended up creating a really large waterfall and water damage. If these blocked down pipes had not been unblocked quickly by a local roofing maintenance company, it could have resulted in customers slipping on wet floors causing injuries that often end up resulting in serious legal actions and bad publicity. If you want to comment on this video, you can click on the link provided above.

When it comes to gutter cleaning and roofing maintenance, our gutter cleaners are highly trained and efficient when it comes to expert roof maintenance. Today we did a gutter cleaning job in Parkside just outside Adelaide, South Australia. The roof was covered in leaves, and there was a giant maple tree out front and a beautiful Jacaranda tree out back that was just causing chaos to the roofing. Gutter cleaning Adelaide came out to the property in Parkside SA for the free roofing inspection that offered free resealing of all guttering and downpipe seals.
These beautiful trees usually line the streets of Parkside SA 5063 and then cover the streets with purple flowers. It makes the area look nice, however causes problems with blocked downpipes, gutters the need clearing and storm water blockages. Our gutter cleaning services can take care of all your guttering and roofing maintenance, from blocked guttering to fixing rusted out downpipes and gutters. Gutter cleaning in Parkside SA is one of our most busiest areas along with Norwood and Magill areas to the northeastern areas of Adelaide South Australia.
A lot of homes in Parkside South Australia have box guttering and box gutters running through the middle of their roofing. A lot of the time its just the downpipe that has blocked up with some large leaves and tree debris and quite easy to clean out yourself if you have a ladder, gloves and bucket. If your thinking of installing gutter guard or gutter mesh you should check out some reviews and always do some research to ensure before buy a product. Our gutter cleaning sell two different kinds of gutter guards as we think they are the best quality, most reliable and cost effective compared to the several other kinds of guttering protection systems.