Gutter Guard Adelaide DIY Installation Service

Gutter Guard Adelaide DIY Installation

How To Install Gutter Guards, then follow this easy step by step gutter protection installation guide. However first of all you need to make sure that you have the correct equipment to install the gutter protection system you are wanting to install. When you are looking in the local hardware store for the installation tools. Quality should always be your preference when making your decision.
When deciding which leaf protection system to purchase, do not waste your time with mesh, or other plastic and poorly manufactured products. Get the high quality materials made by Australian brands such as Fielders. The well known Adelaide, South Australian brand for all the roofing supplies required for many different “do it yourself” roofing maintenance projects around the home

1. You Require a good quality ladder, a tape measure, preferably not a flimsy or ladder that is your grandfathers that is about to fall apart. A high quality ladder from your local hardware store costs around $100 new. Do not risk safety just to save a few extra dollars.

2. Secondly a bucket and some good quality gloves that won’t tear and rip on any metal style gutter guards you decide to install on your guttering. Get good quality bucket so that you can clean off the roofing at the same time as your installation of the leaf protection.

3. Some quality metal cutting equipment. Never get electrical metal cutting equipment or tools that are far to big for the job at hand. Gutters, downpipes, gutter guards are only light weight zinc tin metal and can be cut easily with and electric or battery operated reciprocal saw. Buying quality metal cutting tools will make roofing work and also the Gutter Guard Adelaide installation DIY much easier.

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Installing Metal Gutter Guards Step By Step

Step 1. Measure the distances of your guttering and then cut the metal guards to the required lengths. Use your tape measure to measure out the specific lengths you will need to install.

Step 2. Read the instructions if your leaf protection system came with any, this will help your to cut the corners correctly so you will have a nice tight and neat fit in your gutters.

Step 3. Make sure all the lengths and corners of the leaf protection system is cut correctly and fits nicely and then start to install into your guttering choosing specific locations around problem areas where lots of leaves build up in the rain gutters and downpipes.

If you are finding the job difficult or you run into some difficulties during the installation most local gutter guard installers should be able to give you advice on how to fix the problem. Maybe send them photos as well, so they can get a better idea about your guttering problem.