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Gutter Cleaning and Repair Tools

Gutter Cleaning | Gutter Repair Tools

Need gutter repairs? Is the guttering all rusted out, leaking and slowly being discolored? Have you ever wanted to replace the gutters yourself? Staying ahead of the roofing maintenance will require regular gutter cleaning after the new gutters are installed.

Replacing gutters and installing new downpipes is quite simple with the correct tools and equipment designed to remove, reinstall and repair gutters. There are many videos online that demonstrate how to install gutters and down pipes easily.

When looking for the right gutter installation tools, make sure a small but quality hammer is purchased, long screwdriver bit, gutter brackets, zinc guttering that comes in 3.6m lengths in South Australian local hardware stores. You can also go to a guttering manufacturer such as Fielders, which can supply 6m lengths of different kinds of gutters.

Follow this simple list before going to the hardware store to ensure that all the gutter installation and repair equipment is purchased and planned before attempting to remove the old rusted gutters and down pipes.

  1. Good Quality Small Hammer
  2. Cordless Drill With Drill Bits
  3. Some Strong Roofing Gloves
  4. Hacksaw & Blades or Tin Snips
  5. Sturdy & Large Enough Ladder

Gutter Removal Guide

Next you will be required to purchase the gutter installation materials. Most of the materials required to install new guttering and downpipes can be found at the local hardware store. Get the following gutter replacement supplies.

  1. Several internal or external brackets
  2. Some tubes of clear silicone sealant
  3. 10 Meters of zinc gutters and downpipes

If you decided not to perform gutter repairs, then a new replacement of the old gutters will be required. When ready to install the new gutters, simply push up the first row of tiles. Then set up the ladder and remove and fixings that hold the guttering in place. In most cases the gutters are so rusted they simply just pull off. Cut the gutter where you want to attach the new piece of guttering. The cut does not have to be perfect as the new guttering will be the section that can be seen from below the gutters.