PVC Down Pipe Replacement

pvc cream downpipe replacementNew Innovative Rust Proof PVC Down Pipe

Sick and tired of your down pipes rusting out after getting blocked up every time the surrounding trees, pests and vermin cause your down pipes to get blocked up? Well a really good alternative to Colorbond and zinc down pipes is the PVC 80mm down pipe that easily slots over 75mm regular metal down pipes that are in Adelaide, South Australia.

Upgrading your down pipes to rust proof PVC down pipes is quite easy to do yourself. Ensure that you measure the existing down pipe after you cut and remove it. This helps to make sure you get a perfect fit over the Colorbond downpipe. When you cut the old rusted down pipe, use a good quality hack saw for a clean cut. When working at heights, you should always make sure you have good quality tools as this will make the down pipe replacement much easier. Look for quality paint and get your local hardware store to color match to the existing down pipe.

old zinc down pipe rusted.jpgReplacing PVC Down Pipes & Paint Matching

This down pipe replacement took 3-4 hours from purchasing the material, cutting the old down pipe away and then the new rust proof PVC down pipe was glued together and then painted to match the buildings guttering. Often many people think that replacing a Colorbond  down pipe with a PVC down pipe will look terrible. As you can see a PVC down pipe can be easily paint matched and made to look like a brand new new down pipe. The most innovative idea is that the down pipe will not rust out and is 80mm in diameter allowing a better water flow making it much harder to block up all the time. When you have made the PVC down pipe replacement, you can wash it with a wax and grease remover. This will ensure that the paint will stick and bond properly. A quality paint and preparation will improve the lifespan and durability of the paint in the sun over the years.

pvcdownpipe replacementHow To Install A PVC Down Pipe.

When the painted downpipe replacement is dry, usually about 15 minutes most paint is touch dry and ready to be installed. Get a cordless drill, set up the ladder and tech screw the top of the down pipe first into the gutters down pipe down pop. This connection is about 75mm in most premises around South Australia, so a 80mm PVC down pipe will fit perfectly once all glued together and painted.